Perfect Gift Ideas For Graduating Barber School

It's an exciting time for a barber to finish barber school and prepare to join the workforce on a full-time basis. If you know someone who is about to make this accomplishment — perhaps a son, nephew or even a friend — it's a kind gesture to celebrate the graduation with a thoughtful gift. While you can tailor the exact type of gift to the person and your relationship with him, it's ideal to think creatively and get something that will suit this person's new career as a barber. Here are some ideas that you can easily implement.

Barbering Supplies

Anyone who is graduating barber school will likely already own some supplies, but they might be lower-end items because the person purchased them as a student. You can help to upgrade the barber's tools by purchasing something from a barber supply store, either in your community or online. A high-end pair of scissors or thinning shears, for example, is a thoughtful gift. You can even further celebrate the occasion by having them engraved with the new barber's initials and date of graduation from barber school.

Reading Material

Different types of reading material can also be an effective gift. If the barber is planning to work for himself straight out of school, get one or two magazine subscriptions. This will help to ensure that there's always new reading material for the customers who are sitting in the barber's waiting area. The types of magazines you subscribe to are endless — consider a sports magazine, car magazine or current affairs magazine, as they will hopefully appeal to the customers. You could also think about a different type of reading material, such as a large coffee table book on men's hair styles throughout the years or an illustrated history of barbering. This book can add class to the person's barbering practice.

Therapy Gift Cards

Barbers spend long shifts standing on their feet, which can lead to tired soles and achy legs and backs by the end of the day. Treat the new barber to a gift card from a local therapist. A massage therapy gift card, for example, can be used to work on the tight legs muscles after a week of standing. You could also consider a gift card to a local podiatry clinic. This expert in foot wellness can assess the barber's feet to determine which styles of shoes are best and, if sore feet are becoming an issue, fit the new barber for shoe inserts to keep them comfortable during the workday.